Tempered Screen Protector

Tempered Screen Protector

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Your new phone case may protect the back and the sides of your phone, but what about the front screen? Are you willing to to take the risk of dropping your phone on the floor and picking it up from the ground, only to find that the front screen is heavily cracked?

Obviously not. That's why we are offering you a special offer, where you can purchased a Tempered Screen Protector for your phone's front screen. It even comes with an installation kit, so you won't have to spend more than 30 seconds installing this extra layer of protection on your phone.

If you're looking to protect your front screen, the Transparent Tempered Screen Protector is perfect for you. Not only will it protect your screen from scratches, but it will also prevent smudges and fingerprints from ruining the clarity of your screen.

If you're looking to protect your eyes from blue light, we suggest you choose our Anti Blue Light Tempered Screen Protector, which will block all blue light emitted from your phone's screen. Never again will you have to worry about damaging your eyes while watching your favorite YouTube videos late at night!

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